Lavender Lane Farm


Lavender Products


Sachets are a great idea to freshen socks and dainties drawers or to hang in your closet. Our conveniently sized 3x4 inch sachets in your choice of three colours are perfect as gifts or for your own use. They are available for $3 each.


Bulk Lavender Buds

We have wonderful fragrant dried lavender buds which are available for crafts and sachets and other uses - see our Ideas page. The buds are available in one-pound packages, which correspond to about 16 cups - one ounce per cup!   We are offering them for $25 per pound (or five pounds for $100).


Fresh-Cut Bunches

During the harvest season (usually late July and August) we offer fresh-cut lavender bunches at $5 per bunch, or 5 bunches for $20. These are available by appointment at the farm.


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Shipping and handling is extra for mailing outside of Victoria area.