Lavender Lane Farm

At Lavender Lane Farm we grow French lavender (grosso), a variety known for its high fragrancy and essential oil content.  We provide fresh-cut lavender during the summer season, and dried lavender buds year-round. We also have sachets of lavender buds available.

Lavender is renowned for its soothing and health-promoting virtues. A bag of lavender under your pillow helps you get a good night's sleep.
Sachets are also a great way of keeping your socks and dainties drawer smelling fresh.

Located in Saanichton, BC, Lavender Lane Farm enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Lavender is a pleasure to grow, as the deer don't eat it, the rabbits don't eat it, the bugs don't eat it and it thrives in our climate.

At harvest time, the rows hum with the buzzing of a myriad of bees, and the air is sweet with the smell of the  blossoms.


Our sachet baskets (below) are available for retail outlets to sell by consignment or discounted purchase. Please contact us at or call Cedric or Lissa at 250-652-5841.