Lavender Lane Farm

Seven Environment-Friendly Ways

to Use Lavender Sachets!


So you thought lavender sachets are only for your socks and dainties drawers?   Not true.  Here are seven more ways that lavender sachets can bring you pleasure.   Let your imagination soar as you think of even more reasons to keep a supply of lavender close at hand.


Do you want to give gifts that send an environmental message too?  Create lavender sachets that reduce uses of less environmentally friendly products, re-cycle material to create the sachet holders, and produce sachets that can be re-used many times over.  


1.       Keepsakes of Baby.  Turn Baby’s First Socks into keepsakes to commemorate their First Christmas or their First Steps! Select a particularly nice-looking clean baby sock that the baby has outgrown.   Fill the sock the 1-2 tablespoons of lavender.  Use a ribbon to tie off the top of the sock securely with a knot and then make a small bow.  The sock is now a Christmas tree ornament that can be shared with friends and relatives or kept as your own memento.


2.       Laundry Freshener.  Make a 4” by 4” sachet from scrap fabric (flannel and cotton are especially good).  Fill the sachet with 4-5 tablespoons of lavender.  Tie off the sachet tightly, either by stitching it or with a tight twist tie.   Use the sachet in your clothes dryer where it will gently infuse your laundry with a natural lavender scent.  Each sachet can be used 8-10 times.


3.       Air Fresheners.  Make sachet bags from scrap material or buy them in a craft shop.  Then choose your favourite places to put them, for example:

a.       In the linen closet

b.       By the kitchen garbage

c.       In your car - just hang a sachet on your mirror!

d.       In your gym bag

e.       Attached to the hot air vent where you dry your wet boots and mittens


4.       Natural Moth Repellent.  Lavender has long been used as a natural moth repellent.  Tuck a few sachets of lavender in with your winter woollens when you store them away for the summer.  No chemicals, no fabric damage, NO MOTHS!


5.       Decorating Gift Packages.  Replace bows with environmentally friendly, re-usable sachets of lavender.  Choose fabric to match the occasion – for example cut up an old Christmas tea towel to make sachets for Christmas gifts or use a baby sock or mitten for baby shower gifts.


6.       Table Favours for Weddings or Other Special Occasions.  Instead of edibles in small boxes, send your guests home with a re-usable lavender sachet keepsake of your special day.


7.       Christmas Tree Decorations.  Is there a piece of clothing that you wish you could keep forever?  It could be a bit of your mother's wedding gown, or the little corner that's still left from the baby's blanket.  Turn these keepsakes into Christmas tree decorations that you can enjoy forever.  Cut the fabric into whatever small shape you like (2-by-3 inches is ideal), making sure that you cut both a front and a back.  Stitch the two sides together, leaving a small opening.  Using a small funnel, fill the shape with 1-2 Tablespoons of lavender.  Now stitch the opening to seal the lavender into your decoration.  Trim the decoration (if you have pinking shears, you can make a fancy edge.)  Use ribbon to make a small loop at the top of the ornament.